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Legal Notices

Corporate, ip, privacy, data, disclaimers & other matters


Legal Notices

Corporate, ip, privacy, data, disclaimers & other matters

Last Updated & Published: April 19, 2017

d/b/a & virtualized multi-disciplinary practice (MPD) of independent consultancy entities 

Legal Laboratories as a "d/b/a;" Virtualized MPD Services & Framework. "Legal Laboratories" and "Legal Labs" are "doing business as" names under which The Law Offices of Gene Rhough, Inc. (the "Rhough Law Offices" or "we" or "us") operates in certain jurisdictions, including possibly in conjunction with certain other separate, independent and unaffiliated firms or other entities (e.g., Law Offices of Thomas J. Lorr, Inc.; Law Offices of Brad Simon LLC), to conduct business and provide professional services (possibly but not necessarily including legal services) to third parties (such entities, "Associated Non-Affiliate Entities").

For clarity, (a) this website is operated by the Rhough Legal Offices, and we are solely responsible for use of "Legal Laboratories" and "Legal Labs" as used herein, (b) "team members" listed herein are independent consultants and service providers, and each directly engage with any given common client under separate contract, with separate privity, through the applicable Associated Non-Affiliate Entity (e.g., the applicable consulting legal entity) for such individual, and (c) and any Referral Firms listed herein are in no way formally associated with us or Legal Labs, nor do any of them formally or informally endorse us, Legal Labs, or any of the practices, viewpoints or contents herein.

Copyrights, Trademarks & Other IP & Proprietary Interests; Ownership & Usage of Website Content

Notice of Copyright. This website and all contents herein (unless otherwise specified):

Copyright (c) 2017 The Law Offices of Gene Rhough d/b/a Legal Laboratories. All rights reserved.

IP & Proprietary Interests Generally. Materials and information on this website that are proprietary in nature belong to the Rhough Law Offices or its licensors (excluding, for clarity, any materials or information on a third party website linked to by this website, and any materials or information on this website used without express authorization in compliance with applicable law), and unless otherwise expressly provided on this website, may only be reproduced in their entirety (without modification) for the individual reader’s personal or educational use and must include this notice of proprietary interest and the prohibition of reproduction. For clarity, (a) "materials and information" may include, without limitation, texts, articles, newsletters, presentations, leaflets,  figures, drawings, graphics, logos, pictures, and data, and (b) to the extent this website specifically encourages and enables users to download newsletters and other documents, such documents remain the exclusive and sole property of us and our licensors. While under no obligation to do so, we intend to re-evaluate this position in the near future to maximize what we can provide under appropriate copyleft terms (we're just trying to prioritize and work through our to-dos)

No Sublicense; .. Notwithstanding the foregoing or any other language to the contrary on the website, in no event shall any reader or user of this website be deemed to have been provided any rights whatsoever by us to any of the images or videos on this website, which are used here under license from third party licensors.

Attribution. While under no obligation to do so, we intend to provide more fulsome attribution of images and videos used on the website in the near future (again, we're just trying to prioritize and work through our to-dos), and is thankful in particular to the services and photographers of Adobe Stock, Death to Stock, Deposit Stock, Pexels, and Unsplash.

Trademarks & Related. As used herein, the names “Legal Laboratories" and "Legal Labs," the LL circle logo mark, and the logo stack comprised of the full LL circle adjacent to the stylized rendering of "Legal Laboratories" are trademarks, service marks and/or certification marks belonging to the Rhough Law Offices, including any other intellectual property rights therein and thereto, and to the extent used by any of the unaffiliated firms and entities directly or indirectly referenced by this website, are used under license.

Third Party Trademarks. For clarity, any references to third party entities including (sometimes inherently necessary) use or portrayal of trademarks owned by such entities do not mean any such third party endorses or approves of Legal Labs or us or any of the information, viewpoints, content, etc. provided on this website. All such uses or portrayals inure to the benefit of each applicable trademark holder and we agree to use reasonable efforts for such uses or portrayals on this website conform to any official public brand guidelines. References to our "roster clients" have been approved by such clients, and do represent endorsements of Legal Labs. We are grateful for their active participation and support in our evolving and experimental (read: trial and error) attempts to broadly improve delivery of legal services.

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Certain Disclaimers; Attorney Advertising

No Attorney-Client Relationship; Website Provided "As Is." The Rhough Law Offices and any other providers of content on this website make the information and materials available on this website and all other electronic media for informational purposes only. All information is general in nature, provided "as is," and do not constitute legal advice. Further, the use of this website, and the sending or receipt of such information and materials, does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and us (or any other service providers). Your communication with us (or any other service providers) through this website is not privileged or confidential, unless an attorney-client relationship has otherwise been expressly established between you and us (or the applicable service provider) by written contract and such communication is protected under applicable law.

Third Party Websites. Please note that third party websites linked to this website are not under our control, and we make no claims, representations or warranties concerning the quality, security, safety or suitability of the content of those websites. Nor does the fact that this website includes a link to a third party website serve as our endorsement of any such website. We are providing this website, related electronic media and other information only as a convenience for you.

"Attorney Advertising." This website is not intended to be advertising under any applicable law. Neither we nor any other service providers referenced by or accessible through this website desire to represent anyone based upon viewing this website in a jurisdiction where this website fails to comply with all laws and ethical rules of that jurisdiction.

Under the rules of professional conduct on the practice of law in some jurisdictions, portions of this website may contain material that is nevertheless deemed to constitute attorney advertising. In accordance with those rules (notably in New York) we make the following statement:


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Certain Privacy Policy; Cookies; Miscellaneous

Legal Labs. We don't collect personally identifiable information at this site except to the extent that you voluntary provide such information to us, whether in an e-mail or other electronic message or otherwise. We will only use personally identifiable information for the specific purpose(s) for which you submitted it. For what it's worth, we believe that definitions of "PII" are generally inadequate and that assertions from services that their use of supposedly non-PII data, particularly when derived from PII via "aggregation" and/or "anonymization," should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. Devil is in the details.

Third Parties. We presently do not have use cases justifying use of PII or non-PII except as disclosed above and so do not directly collect or use PII or non-PII except as described above, and subject to below:

  • This website was developed using the Squarespace website service. To the extent such service collects information about you, such as the site from which you accessed our site, or the type of browser you are using, or other information, and to the extent such service uses such information to provide us with website "analytics," we refer you to Squarespace and its own policies governing its collection, use, etc. of such data (including without limitation. We may from time to time view the information provided by Squarespace Analytics for purposes of quality assurance (e.g., is this site working!?) and possibly security heuristics. 
  • To the extent that your web browser provides information to our website hosting provider, currently 1and1, we currently do not refer to or use any such information, and again we refer you to and its own policies governing its collection, use, etc. of user data. 

Cookies & Related. Except as described above, to our reasonable knowledge, we do not otherwise knowingly use or indirectly benefit from cookies or other tracking technologies in connection with your use of this website, or collect or use any data from such cookies or technologies.

Requesting Information & California Law. You may request details of the personal information we store about you and to have it corrected or deleted as required by applicable law. Please contact us for any related queries.
If you have consented to receive marketing materials or information from us, you may amend or withdraw your consent at any time.

Policy & Notice Changes. We reserve the right to change these legal notices and policies at any time at this location, though we will use reasonable efforts to provide at least 30 days notice on the homepage of this webpage.

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Legal Laboratories

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