We are a virtualized, multi-disciplinary consultancy and service provider of legal, business and other professional services for startups, new ventures and other fast-growth, innovation-focused endeavors.

Legal Laboratories is a radical deconstruction, blue-sky re-imagining, and ground-up redesign – a proposed hypothesis – for a new type of services provider, with legal services foremost but likely insufficient, and best when more closely integrated with peer BusOps like marketing, engineering, operations, business development and finance. It's a unique and earnest answer to problems and dysfunction in the legal industry.

So driven by very different assumptions and objectives than a traditional law firm, informed by each of our personal experiences in the trenches of startups ourselves, and without any preconceptions of what might result, we tackled what might just be a "wicked problem."  We found some insights, were often absolutely surprised at some realizations or conclusions, and wound up with what we describe here.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.
— Mother Teresa

Faster, Better, Cheaper

We've been in start-ups, we appreciate you're trying to grow a business and that can be hard enough without getting the lawyers involved.  You don’t need your lawyers to be a hindrance (the “deal prevention department”), a bottleneck (“it’s stuck in legal”), while killing your runway with unpredictable legal bills.  Your legal team needs to be responsive, pragmatic, smart, budget-conscious and – most of all – useful.   It needs to add more value than cost.

We will get to know your business from the inside, are available and dedicated around-the-clock, can often turn work around faster than outsiders, and are usually far more willing than outside attorneys to strike a healthy balance between legal “protection” and the need to grow the business.  Because we are multi-disciplinary, we can weave legal protections and compliance into the culture and into the products and services of your endeavor.  In the long run, we will proactively avoid legal problems at a small fraction of the cost of dealing with them after they’ve become critical.